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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Back to normal?

Well, after almost two months of guests in the house, Garry drove the rest of the BC team to meet up with Victor and Jack Tuesday morning at the bull (along the highway on the road toward Dneprdajisk, Kiroy Rog and eventually Kiev) to start their trip to visit some orphanages and then go to Kiev for their departure the next day. I have been promised a photo, but as you can see none has arrived via email.  and here it is- Thanks Jeremy! They should be home in Salmon Arm now. I heard that they were delayed in Calgary, but they made it home about 50 hours after this photo was taken with Garry!

We celebrated by going on a 24 hour get away in Zaporosia. We stayed in a hotel, ate out, and only went to the home building stores to shop twice before heading back to the village with more supplies. No photos of that trip, but I have some of the work that was done Wednesday afternoon by Garry and the students.

Many of the walls are painted with primer, Garry put more plaster on the drywall around the doors, and Garry and Nikolai did some grouting in the big classroom (1/3rd done) and the office room.

 Karina painted most of the classroom and office with the paint we bought Tuesday afternoon. It looked more beige on the sample at the store, but it looks good.

 The guy that they hired (a relative of Max's wife) continues to work on the outside of the house, and Max is doing the plumbing.

Finally I got a very small amount of tiling done, so I am off to work. I am leaving for New Jersey to visit my father next week Tuesday afternoon, my time is short to finish tiling two bathrooms.

PS- BC team, where ever you are, it is not easier to tile after installing the shower (as some of you said). Unless, perhaps, if the wall or shower is straight... and level, unlike this one.

At least the last bathroom only has water pipes to go around, no shower yet.

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