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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Crop report

!We'll see how this works. I loaded some photos before leaving Ukraine, and after a few hurdles, I have logged in to the blog to get this post done. I was worried for a few minutes that there was not going to be any blog posts for three weeks, because I am using my tiny tablet and left the computer in Ukraine!
As you can see, the wet weather means that the alfalfa has really grown this spring. Garry says it is ready to cut to make hay if it ever stops raining.

This is the new field Garry told me he bought. I assume that means we have a 49 year lease on it. It is on the highway as you turn onto the village road. Last year there were pumpkins on it I believe. Garry is a little worried about the weeds, mostly volunteer wheat growing up in it. It is some of the 49 hectares that need to still be planted this spring. About half of that is land like this piece, which we got control over in the last few weeks, and was not worked up in the fall..
An interesting field near the gas station

Everyone has been planting their garden in the village.

The garden at the new group home, the straw is the potatoes, all the group
 homes planted a lot of potatoes this spring.

Yana has her bull tied in front of her house most days. She's one of the milker ladies

Garry has pepper plants ready for the garden

Why did the goat cross the road? Trying to get back to the other side!

A few holes in the road and puddles in the field

A couple of our tractors going down the street
Garry told me that Wednesday there were more thunderstorms. The fields have puddles again, like in the photo above from last week.
I didn't get a chance to get a photo of the cornfields before I left. Garry said most of the new land will go into corn. The field he planted part of is up. They went through a few missing rows and replanted them on Monday afternoon before it rained again. Garry says that they need a working monitor for planting the corn next year. Or actually he said that they would have one!

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