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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tile and kitchens

The one with the shower in already, I made the tile fit

Need eleven more ! This was taken when I started Saturday
We have gotten more done on the reno this week with the help of some of the students. In fact, I would have finished tiling the last bathroom yesterday, except for the fact we were eleven tiles short and I had to give up cutting them when it started raining in the afternoon and the tile saw was giving me a zap if I touched any of the metal parts... and then everything, so it had to dry out. Monday I will finish it before I leave for NJ on the Tuesday afternoon train the Kiev.

Here are a few photos.

Look Peter, doors with trim in the classroom 

Putting in a few more drains to connect

Nikolai did most of the the grout

New student Losha getting it ready to grout

Leila cleaning

Julia and Karina painting

The green kitchen- the stove will be on the opposite wall

The kitchen in the apartment facing the road (only one with a separate bedroom)
Here he is working on the stove hood

One more apartment to paint, along with the bathrooms, We have been saving money, using paint left over from last years's house, except the classroom, where we bought a bucket. I took all of it from the shop last fall before it froze and stored it here in our house until last week. They just needed to be remixed. There were two pails of yellow, still unopened, so both big apartments are yellow.

The grouting of floor tile is finished (except a few touch ups where someone missed a spot, and Garry has even installed two of the kitchens, I hope to put the back splash tiles up on them Monday.

The only real delay is cleaning up the back of the house, since the skidsteer is still broken, and we need it to clean up the piles of debris from the demo. Yesterday some of the boys were shoveling dirt from the back of the house so the man working on the stucco can finish it. He rebuilt the broken back corner on Friday, reusing the bricks that fell out, and removing all the the roots of the bush or tree that broke it.
here is the almost finished bathroom picture

Saturday night student church was in the classroom again, we may have class there Monday morning.

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