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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Where is my passport? And Bees...

 I have the song from veggie tales in my head with one word changed - instead of hairbrush, sing passport. All week I have been watching Garry on Skype hunting for his passport. Ever since he asked if I knew where it was. If you have any ideas where it could be, email him, because the last time I talked to him he was still hunting for it. He has taken everything out of every part of our bedroom for the second time this week.

He had it last, we think,  when he went to the bank (you need it for ID purposes) while the teams were here, and thinks he remembers taking it out of his pocket of his jeans and thinking that it was a bad place to keep it... however he doesn't remember what he did with it next.

Today he also helped Victor with the Bees. That's right, we now have beehives in the yard and today the Bees moved in. Victor is even going to teach a class on beekeeping next year. We will be the school of milk and honey.

Garry will need a passport to go to Budapest to go to the mission conference, so he is hunting hard, since I am not back until late on the 31st. Maybe you can pray for his passport.

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