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Monday, May 30, 2016

Photos from Garry

Well  I am squeeze squeezing everything in my suitcase after a nice Sunday morning walking the dog and going to the church we attended as a young married couple 30 years ago.I should have gone to the early service but I didn't look online until after walking little Jackie. I met the pastor before the service after walking down the front of the cemetery to pay my respects to my great great grandparents.

I told him that we were married by the Reverend Schulte and he would tell us that he knew we would go to the mission field, and thirty years later we went to Ukraine. Anyway, he introduced me while starting the service and told the story and I was a little overwhelmed when people turned to look toward the back where he had pointed and applauded. I few introduced themselves during the grey the church time following it, however, the few people I might know were at the earlier service.

Anyway, before I left for church I talked to Garry after he taught his maybe last Sunday English class while he was getting his hot wings at KFC, and he sent me some hay making photos to show you.

Nikolai is always waving in my photos!

Losha, Karina and Nikolai in the mow

 I'm going to be glad to not type on this tablet when I get back! It's hard to fix things.

Coming from the field across the highway.
Garry said they used three wagons that day

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