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Monday, June 6, 2016

Back in the village

Yes I did get back last week as scheduled. I had a few sleepless nights after getting back late Tuesday night/ early Wednesday morning after taking the train back with Garry from Kiev. He is supposed to get a temporary passport any day now...which is good as we are flying to Hungary for the missionary conference early next week on Monday morning.

Garry and the crew were busy finishing baling hay and putting it in the mow on Saturday. There had been a big thunderstorm on Tuesday evening before we got back, and it took a while to dry. Garry said half the hay got rained on at some time, but it all looks pretty good. There are 400 big round bales to pick up in the field, that's on this week's agenda, and they put thousands of square bales into the mow. He tells me that they can only put four on a wagon to bring them from the field, so simple math will tell you it will take a while to get them all! This morning he was working on cleaning out the second barn over by the "new barn" to put the round bales in, while I was making a few batches of jam, it's strawberry and cherry season already.

 Garry is not good at staying off his bad foot because he says that the students work too slow and fight unless he is up in the mow with them. He says he tries to stay in one place and throw them instead of walking with the bales, but he is limping more all the time. Two more months until his appointment in Canada to check it out.

A thunderstorm with a little bit of hail rolled through mid afternoon today (Monday) Garry's two vet students have been here since Saturday. Garry had forgotten to tell me they were coming,They were here (I knew Maria was coming for Saturday church because it was one of the girl's birthdays, she left Sunday morning) when I got back from helping with Summer English Institute testing Saturday morning... which he told me about Friday night and asked if I could do it so he could work on unloading wagons, if I wanted... when I woke up on time Saturday morning. Andrey and Alina have been helping unload square bales off wagons, (she was a little sore after) and picked those cherries and strawberries I turned into jam. They even washed the kitchen floor Sunday. I had to rewash it after making jam.

Hope to get some crop photos up later today, if I can get Garry's surface to turn on.

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