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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Those missing pics

Quit eating the wheat Garry
Last night the surface finally turned on and I tried to post from it, but was having problems getting the photos in the post, so I am trying it again in case the photos actually did upload.

They did.

We took these on Sunday afternoon on the way home from church.

Here are the bales still in the field

Garry checking out the new corn field by the highway

Looking at one of the sunflower fields

another one of the bales, as you can see the guy they hired
 doesn't have the best round baler

Our field on the right, someone else's sunflowers to the left
They sprayed for weeds and killed some of the smaller sunflowers

I think another pumpkin field, there are lots of them planted this year and they
are still small, maybe 4 leaves. Pumpkin seeds were a money maker last year.

wheat field as we follow the field road around
another as we drove slowly by the sunflowers

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