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Saturday, June 11, 2016

New septic system

With the cows scheduled to move to the "new barn" a week from Monday, you might wonder why Garry had the students digging a new septic system for the old barn this week. If you wonder why the barn has a septic system, it is for the wash water from washing the milking equipment in the milk house, not the cow manure, that gets spread on the fields for fertilizer!

The plan is to make a small cheese making facility in the old milkhouse, so there will still be lots of milky water to dispose of in the future, and old one just doesn't work anymore, even though they got it cleaned out this spring.
Today Garry and Nikolai have been bricking up the walls with lots of helpers moving bricks by wheelbarrow from the reno house and passing bricks down the new 3 meter deep hole they dug.

Of course, we won't be milking cows here in the "old barn" any more, it will be used for young calves and heifers and dry cows, and the milk tank will move over to the new milkhouse. On Tuesday all the milking system for the parlor is supposed to be in place and ready to go. We waited a year and half to get the electric company approval and then get the transformer installed and hooked up.  It's taken six months after the electricity was finally hooked up to the barn, but this spring Garry finally got a company that would do it, and with some additional parts from Canada, at reasonable price.

The cows won't move for another week, because Garry and I are off Sunday morning for a week to go to Hungary for the EFCCM conference for European missionaries.

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