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Saturday, June 18, 2016


Sunday morning we took the train to Kiev to get our early morning flight to Budapest. We flew whizz air for the first time and packed for a week in our computer bags since they charge extra for carry on size bags, nearly the same as the flight. The tickets were cheap and the legroom was tiny, but the flight was only one and a half hours.
 We were met at the airport by someone with our name on a tablet for our ride to the conference center. We ended up traveling there without the rest of our expected group, who waited for the van and the travelers from Germany. We were in the back of a taxi with a guy going an hour past our stop in the front seat. At one point I think everyone but the driver was asleep!
The conference center was lovely, in an old estate with a grand house where we met and ate. The rooms were across the road, and while the mattress was a little thin, we had a cool breeze most nights, and the pool was nice too. We had most afternoons free, with sessions in the mornings and evenings. Wednesday it seemed to start raining every time Garry went outside but we had a good time renewing older friendships and meeting new people.
Friday we traveled back to Budapest and since our airline doesn't fly every day we met up with some of the folks for dinner at Subway and a boat ride on the Danube.

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