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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

No more hay please!

The last two days I have sat down in front of my laptop and logged on and not written a word... so today I have uploaded the photo I took of the button I got at the conference on our goody bag for inspiration. Lisa had made buttons for everyone and I really liked mine which reads I write A-Moo-oosing things. Garry's button said I milk cows.

OK, now to work, Garry has been busy with baling hay, he mostly works up in the mow stacking bales with the students, so everything goes smoothly up there. I took some photos on Saturday. Monday they did more before the picnic at the pond, and this morning (no dew again) they got an early start and by noon the haymow was declared full. The round baler man they hired is doing the rest of the field. Garry brought him out some food before we ate lunch. The students will be glad it's over for a few weeks, Sasha was telling me today that he is zelonie (green). His toes were green from bits of hay since he was wearing shorts and plastic sandals.
Ray's (from the Steinbach team) buddy was hanging out (in red)
We had another prospective student here over the weekend from Odessa. His name is Kolya, his nickname is Samson, and he helped with the hay on Saturday and Monday, you can see him up in the mow in one photo, over Artem (in yellow). He drove the other students a little crazy because he talked a lot and kept asking if they were saved, since he is a Christian. He had a train ticket back for Saturday at seven, the same day he arrived, but thought it was for Sunday, so we had to buy another one, so he stayed an extra day, since he wanted to do more bale stacking.
Garry and the crew (Max Rudei far left)

I do have a good excuse for getting no writing done yesterday, since I was making apricot jam most of the day Monday, and what a mess to clean up. As Garry said it's days like that (and having teams) makes us really glad we have dishwasher now. We have 16 jars of apricot jam now, I think it will be enough. There are lots of apricots on the trees yet, if you want some!

My sweet potato plants I've been watering
 Garry got the irrigation water working closer to the garden so I don't have to haul buckets from the front yard anymore. He's started watering the whole garden since it is hot and dry. There are some showers around today, so he's hoping for some rain for the corn and sunflowers, even better is it arrives when the hay is all baled.

Monday evening we had a school picnic at the pond, with a wiener roast chips and salads to eat and nearly everyone got wet swimming. Garry had inflated a big intertube from a tractor, and everyone wanted to try it. Maria even got a ride on it with some of the girls. I did not bring my suit, so I sat and read my book reader until everyone arrived. Lack of suits isn't a problem for the guys, some of them went in in in their boxer briefs!

We were surprised to see Valera show up in the afternoon, he has been working in a greenhouse and is writing exams on Wednesday to get into a trade school.
They are wearing boxers, Valera is on the far side
Garry and students - Svitaslav is sitting on top of tube
The fun continued until the sun set... Garry and I went home early at 8 pm

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