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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy ________ day!

As the sun sets on July first
For our Canadian readers, hope you had a great Canada Day and enjoy the weekend, for our American readers, have a great Fourth of July weekend and enjoy the fireworks on Monday. For us personally we celebrated our anniversary yesterday by going out to dinner with Don and Sandy who arrived Thursday evening for a little stay before teaching at the English Summer Institute in Dnepro. It was their anniversary on Wednesday, believe it or not they are just ten years ahead of us. They had a short day that day (although they were traveling for 27 hours between leaving Winnipeg and arriving Dnepro) so we had a joint celebration at Bellinis, a nice Italian restaurant in Zaporosia, it was nice except it was noisier than normal with a rather rowdy, loud group of young people celebrating something of their own, so at times it was hard to hear each other talk.

 I was going to take photos, but I forgot while we were eating! I did take one photo as we were driving out of the sunset in Zaporosia, and one of the rain on the way there. Here is one of Garry and I 38 years ago.

We did get some rain, a couple of thunderstorms over the last couple days, my laundry ended up with two rain water rinses, one Thursday and then they
got wet again on Friday when I was up the street grouting tile at the new apartments.(Just two more bathrooms to finish!) Of course, Garry would still like more rain for the corn, which is just starting to tassel.

Box still hangs out in the house much more than the outdoors, she has gone out a few times this year, but she enjoyed watching the rain through the open window falling on the babushka's hollyhocks )and Andrei's tire swan) Thursday.

She has been trying to sit on my lap every time I sit on the couch ever since I got home from the US, yesterday she decided my purse was nice to sleep on.

Here's a couple photos of my grouting in the apartment bathrooms and one kitchen. Progress! I hope to finish next week before we start teaching English.

This is the one to do next week

The girls  apartment's bathroom, almost finished - it's done now!

The boys bathroom I did yesterday

The boys kitchen ... and Polo who "helped" me today
The apartment will be ready to move into soon, still waiting on the electric hook up, and there are a few things to finish next week for plumbing hook-ups and little fix-ups and clean-ups. Lucky we have students and fresh volunteers.

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