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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cement and Don and Sandy's visit

Well as normal, Garry is watching the weather forecast, hoping for rain, the corn is tasseling. Today Thursday is looking busier than normal, although we have cancelled the normal group home parent meeting because we are getting ready for teaching English next week, and Garry needs to be in Dnepro early today to pick up people at the airport because Victor is "under the weather." He is also taking Don and Sandy with him to settle in their apartment for teaching.
We introduced Sandy to making cherry coke with cherry juice

Sandy has been cleaning up a storm, here and at the new apartments where I have been doing my grouting, things at looking much better there. Don even did a cleanup in the shop or garage as the locals call it. I have one last batch of grouting to finish today while everyone is away this afternoon. I did some tiling to finish up a few bits of missing tile and one little back splash for the mini kitchen. I had to walk over to the shop to cut them because the transformer is back over there.
I wonder if I sliced up the leftover half tile, I was going to use wood trim there

 I got the unbroken tile back on the girls kitchen, but still need to buy two replacement tiles to repair the little accident that Garry had putting in the sink last month. The vibration of the saw cutting through the countertop made all those big tiles fall down, luckily only two broke!

Garry has been busy with cement and building wooden forms this week, with some of the guys (and Don giving a hand, too, although he has been adjusting to the time change with some afternoon naps) He needs to build thick walls for the building (its like a Quonset) to go on. The company will then build it in place. Here are a few pictures, they have poured cement everyday, with the last walls to be poured this afternoon. Garry takes the forms down at six every morning and they set up a new section. He hopes the company that will build the roof will be here next week, but we will see.

Monday the footings were poured over the slag

Tuesday morning the forms were moved from the shop where they built them

Sandy and Don at opposite corners of the site

Skid steers are handy

Tuesdas's walls are revealed on Wednesday morning 

...then build the next section

This is happening beside the shop or grange behind the "new house"
the one remodeled last year. on the side road to the "new farm".  

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