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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Grain storage building

The crew arrived Monday to put up the building. That didn't take long at all after the concrete was poured, did it? They brought their own cots to sleep on, but Max spent time on Monday getting the water and septic working so they could use the front apartment the graduated guys will be moving into. Max's mother-in-law is cooking dinner for them. On the way home from our first day of teaching English we had to stop and pick up some supplies for Max to connect a few pipes. We got some caulk, but he had already caulked the shower when we got back. The other bathrooms will need doing anyway.

They needed a place to set up the machine that makes the roll of metal into the pieces for the hoops of the building (remember it will be a Quonset-type building) so they decided to set it up right on the side road... you should have seen the four cows that normally go home down the side road coming home with the herd run past the machine which was working when we took the photos tonight. They may not give much milk tonight. Someone put an old cupboard at the turn off from main street, I guess it has kept cars from running into the machine so far.

They also needed a place to assemble the pieces of the building.  The potato  bugs have eaten the plants up, so Garry said he thought they could dig the potatoes in the group home garden right next to where the building will be and use that space. Garry and everyone (like ten people) dug potatoes for a couple hours, I think. Small potatoes, and he said the potato bugs had been eating the potatoes that were near the surface, so I guess they will be eating potatoes now. Tuesday the crew did not get much done by the time we returned from teaching (we are gone at 6:30 am and return around 4:30 pm). They were having problems with the machine.

first the metal goes through one way
However, they seem to have gotten it going today and we went over and took some photos around 7 pm. Hopefully they will be able to get all the pieces made tomorrow (or even tonight) and get the road open again.

it comes off of a roll 

then they send it back through and it looks like this...

When its done they carry the pieces over 

to make a set of three

Here's the guy crimping the new piece on

 Once all the pieces are put together in sets of three, a crane will lift them into place and the crimping machine will seal them together, creating the building.  

Garry checking out the finished hoops

close up

it really needs a lot of space to build it

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