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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Crop report!

I forgot to post crop photos from last weekend! Here is Garry in the cornfield, it's even taller now and starting to send up tassels (pollination time) and the little drink Thursday and slightly bigger rain (thunderstorm) Friday will make it happy for a few days. Garry says he can find some over his head now.

Our sunflowers will be blooming soon, but some early fields along the highway are really looking yellow now, as you can see in the photo I took yesterday.

That yellow is sunflowers!

Victor hopes to harvest a bit of honey from the hives on Monday, here are a few beekeeping pictures.

Victor checking on the bees

Max and some of the students helping prepare frames for the hives

 Here are a couple of photos of the mower-conditioner that came in the container last fall in action, too. Thanks to CRMF and the BC guys for getting that container packed and shipped here. Garry says that its a wonderful machine, the hay dries really fast.

almost ready to rake and bale

Here's some of the alfalfa fields that they they baled up, they finished second cut Monday. They left a little piece unmowed so it will bloom where they plan to move the beehives to, one of the boys will camp out and guard them in the edge of the field, under the trees, next to the pond... they may all want this job.

Another good cutting of hay, and with some rain this week, we could have a big third cut too. That will be round baled as the mow is full to the top of the barn!

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