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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A little rain

Garry was surprised when we drove home on Monday afternoon after teaching when there was some water in some of the potholes as we drove in to the village. We had stayed in a hotel in Dnepro overnight after attending a football (soccer) and there had been a five minute shower mid-afternoon, but when we got home we found out it had rained for a couple hours in the village Sunday, although some of our fields had received more rain than others, it will be good for the corn.

This morning as we left for teaching English at 6:30 am Max was busy raking hay in the alfalfa field across the highway. Garry stopped and gave Max his coffee, because he thought he'd appreciate some since he'd been out there for an hour or more.

They have been busy mowing hay and discing up wheat fields as they get the straw baled up. The straw pyramid is growing again by the barn.

When we got home this afternoon, we were surprised to see that the guys had been baling the hay and it was raining raining on them, even though the sun was shining a kilometer away (in every direction). The guys were laughing because the corn field across the road had not got as wet on Sunday as some of the other fields but it was getting wet now.

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