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Friday, July 8, 2016

WE really want some rain

This morning  on our way to teach in Dnepro, Garry drove around to check the corn field by the barn, he wanted to see how heat stressed it was. It doesn't look too bad in the morning, after a cooler night, with a little or hopefully a lot of dew on the ground. We really did drive around, since the side road we'd normally drive on to it was blocked by some machine...  the one putting up the new building of course.

We did see this cute turkey family over on the other street-
while driving around the long way
However, when we drove  there again at seven tonight, some of the corn is "curling" the top leaves are looking dried out. The weather is calling for hotter temperatures and no sign of rain until next week. Last week's promised rain did not materialize, other than a few drops one day. The sunflowers will be OK, but would yield better is we get some rain, same for the third cut hay (should be cut again in two weeks or so) but the corn really needs a good soaking soon.

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