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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Just another day

Garry says the rain soaked down about four inches into the ground. He is more hopeful it will help the 25 acres of  later planted corn that is just tasseling now. He thinks it was too late for the early corn, it may shoot new silk and fill the cobs more, but they look small and twisted right now. Chance of more rain on Friday, it didn't rain today, but we had a another shower yesterday.

Work continues slowly on the building...
and we have our Ford Transit back to drive, but after all this time and money, we still do not have a working air conditioner in it!
Every morning we see these cows going up the side of
the highway, one day they were on the crosswalk
 Garry forgot his wallet this morning, so we switched drivers before getting to the checkpoint, just in case since I had my licence with me. However, my perfect record on not being pulled over for random document checks is intact. Garry was pulled over again yesterday to show his licence, car passport and insurance paper. I think it did startle the two women we had given a ride to when we got on the highway as we left the village, but a free ride is a free ride. I drove until after we let them out when we got to a bus stop in the city... well, all the way to Mc Donalds. where we celebrated our lack of flat tires with Mc Muffins today, before the annual Canada day, when every one wears red and white.

Yesterday we got to the institute ten minutes before the start of classes, after re inflating a tire on the front of the Mercedes before leaving the yard at 6:15 am, getting stopped at the checkpoint, then having the tire blow out the sidewall in the fast lane a couple kilometers later. Garry tried pumping it up before noticing the damage, and then put on and re-inflated the spare with the prophetic words I don't think it will last... maybe two kilometers later we phoned Max, after it went flat. He borrowed his father-in-law's Lada, and brought a tire from his old VW van. Half an hour later, he found us, and after few tries (three) convinced them that even with washers under the nuts, it was still going to lock up the brakes on that side,  he drove us in to teach, with the bad tires in the trunk to get fixed. Around noon he picked up Garry and he drove the Mercedes, with a new tire, the rest of the way to Dnepro so we had a ride home.

We hurried home because there was supposed to be a Mennonite tour group coming at four, but Garry took a much needed nap since they arrived closer to six pm and stayed for about 20 minutes or so since they were behind schedule. They did see the "old barn" and Garry told them a bit about what we do here. With the rain earlier in the day, it was a muddy walk up the driveway to the barn.

Garry with some of his 12-15 year old students

Us with my class, everyone loves my cowboy hat-
but I had to get three years of dust off it last night!
Today we brought Priscilla Sayer home with us to see everything, we stayed with her and her family the first year I taught English in Ukraine in 2008. Garry had to drive back to Dnepro to pick up parts for the milk tank, the agitator that stirs the milk broke.

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