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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Crop photos

The new Lenin-less Zap sign
Yesterday we took some photos in the fields, but first I'll show you some I took some while we were driving to Zaporosia for lunch. We actually went there to pay for the part to fix the air conditioner in the car, the guy needed to pay for it so he could put it in the car Monday; but we made it an early lunch at our favorite fast food chicken place.

Short notice of road work crews, but they have  repaved
 a lot of  Zap highways in the last year
 There were combines in the wheat fields along the highway, We will wait a week or so to do ours in case the new building will be done in time to store the crop.
city goat herd grazing, the owner was right behind them

Saturday is wedding day and these bride are getting photos by the fountain

Lots of sunflowers in bloom now, these are along the highway, our field is further down the page. Now if we could get some rain this week, the crops would be really happy.
On top of a Lada ...

Now for our crop photos... the corn continues to grow

It's really that tall boys!

pollination time

Ready to combine?

lots of fields of pumpkins this year in the village fields 

Home again, Fence and gate recently painted, students on grass optional

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