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Friday, July 29, 2016

Wow, it's over...

We finished our three weeks of teaching, it was like a marathon, and we are relaxing tonight.  Garry is hobbling around, thinking about everything he needs to get done on the farm, and all the other things that need doing before he leaves early next Saturday to catch his plane in Kiev Sunday. This Saturday (tomorrow) is Denis Dantsev's wedding and we are invited. Then I fly out on Sunday (arriving Monday afternoon) and I still need to pack and finish cleaning up some stuff here at the house. On Monday Garry is driving to the Sea for some relaxing time with our friend Clay, he plans to return on Thursday but that doesn't leave much time for the farm.

 The guys are still baling straw there is more hay to do and it looks like they need to start turning the big corn field into silage.

 The building is finished to store grain in, the crew from Zaporosia put the doors on this week. The guys will need to pour to cement sometime on the part of the floor that was not done before.

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