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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A fungus among us (credit Garry with this title) crop report

I finally have the crop report photos, we actually took new ones today, since we have not gotten Garry's surface tablet to awaken yet. It's charged and you can hear it buzz when you touch the windows "button" but the black screen remains.

In worse news for the crops, all the rain and cool weather is adversely affecting some of the crops, with fungus. It is in the wheat fields, which are currently filling the heads, so a fungicide with a little nitrogen fertilizer added in the water will be sprayed on to kill the fungus. We have an agronomist this year who is stopping in to check some of our  fields while checking another customer's fields nearby, since we are buying chemicals from his company.

The sunflowers are also being hurt by fungus and will be sprayed, otherwise we might lose the crop, right now it is affecting mostly the smaller plants like the one in the photo, but it is spreading to the bottom leaves on the taller stronger sunflowers. The black spots are just where the dirt bounced up when it was raining hard earlier in the week, the white is the fungus.

However, the rain has been good for the corn fields, which were recently sprayed for weeds and are growing well, about to Garry's knees already!

There is a little damage from the hail during a thunderstorm last week, you can see it in the close up picture, little rips in the leaves. Max was in the field when the thunderstorm came up and apparently he started praying that he wouldn't have to replant the corn when the golf ball sized (I think maybe bigger) started falling, and then it changed to rain.

They plan to scuffle (cultivate between the rows) and apply some fertilizer in the cornfields, they were going to start today, as soon as they finish moving all the round bales out of the field. All three tractors are busy getting them moved to the barn area, because the hay is already growing back (maybe four inches high) with all the rain, looks like it will be ready to cut again before the end of the month. They were supposed to be done by noon, but I think it took a little longer.

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