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Monday, May 2, 2016

Last day ... or what the team did while Jack went away

Richard sanding
 Jack went off Sunday evening with Victor after the guys returned from their trip to the sauna. He went to Kramatorsk while the other guys had a busy day finishing up a few things at the project, they will be leaving for some orphanage visits Tuesday before getting to Kiev for their early Wednesday morning flight home to Canada.

Jeremy was installing ventilation fans in the bathrooms
He's in the attic in this photo drilling through the ceiling

Some of the students came to work on their holiday- no class today since yesterday was Easter.
Nikolai was sanding drywall

Julia and Karina were painting

Leila spent the morning cleaning up before milking in the afternoon
The girls (and Jeremy) got a coat of primer on several rooms

Garry boxed in around the doors with drywall
while Tim finished some floor tile

I am still deciding which cabinets fit in which kitchen!

The finished vinyl flooring, we need a real threshold yet...
and I need to get back on bathroom wall tiling this week!
This one and the other one...

The neighbors behind the house mowed the grass today
Now that the cows are going out to the fields with the village herds Garry is busy breeding cows. People with one cow might not see their cow in heat, but put her out with her friends for the day and everyone knows. Garry bred two of our own cows today, then two for neighbors he could walk to after supper.
While we were chatting and watching Jesus Christ Superstar on DVD with our guests he had a phone call in Russian and then he had a wild ride around nine pm to the village of Vasilielka- through the field roads in a speeding car driven by a drunk guy who wanted his cow bred.  Garry said the guy was driving 80 km/hr and missed a turn and they drove in the field a bit. He said that was a good thing someone was in the back seat of the Lada holding on to the semen tank (not him I asked- I guess he was in the front.)

Apparently the holiday is not over yet,  most people are off tomorrow too; but the students are back to classes with Maria and team is off before 7 am to meet up with Victor and Jack to start their cross country tour before flying home. I'll be up for a while, I washed a couple loads of clothes for them tonight and it will be a while before they are all dry so they can stick them in their (carry-on) suitcases in the morning.

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