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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Getting ready for winter ...on a lovely fall day

The roses seem to agree with us!
Monday was warm here in Ukraine, Garry and I were walking around in t-shirts (not so much real Ukrainians, but they are getting used to crazy Canadians who don't dress according to the calendar) I took some photos of the guys working on the second of the retrofitted barn doors, they finished the first one on Saturday, so I even have some pictures of the completed product also.
Garry is even wearing safety goggles! 

Andrey is in charge of fixing the metal parts

the finished door, they are re-building it's mate

one that only needs one side done

Andrey sparka (welds) like his brother Maxim

 These doors are the ones the heifers in the barn yard have been sneaking through to get into the barn and run around in front of the cows, so they got done first, and have wood on both sides. The ones in good repair will only get stickloplast (Styrofoam) and wood on the inside, instead of a Styrofoam-filled wood sandwich.

The biggest problem on Saturday was getting the heavy door hung back on the hinges, but Garry said it went much faster and easier yesterday!

The babushka next door was talking with Max while he worked

While Andrey and Garry worked on doors in the morning, Max B was forking some manure on Garry's driveway flower bed, so next year's flowers will look even better. This year his four o'clocks and marigolds looked really good until the apples fell off the neighbors tree and the cows going out with the village herd started looking for them, knocking his flowers around as they walked (or ran) through the bed.

Here is the new heifer calf that was born last week, her mother is a skinny white cow Garry bought in the village as a heifer, she was afraid of the other heifers when he brought her home, and even as a cow, she is too timid to eat, it looks like she may not make any milk this year, but she did have this nice looking calf!

After they went out for lunch, Garry came in requesting a camera, for a photo of the cat up a tree at the neighbor's house (apparently they heard a cat fight and this guy fled up the tree) - if you look closely at the big photo I think you can see the bigger cat halfway up the tree, which could be why this one is at the top!

While I was outside I took more photos, so here are some fall photos.

Doves in a walnut tree

School bus taking kids home

Neighbor's chicken making themselves at home

Apples still hanging on

That's where all the chirping is coming from next door!

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