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Friday, November 1, 2013

GPS will lead you astray

We returned from our trip to Kiev about 2 am November first, our Halloween trick played around midnight when the GPS decided to go the back way home to the village. Instead of taking the highway toward Dnepropetroesk, it chose to head down back roads (admittedly some highways and back roads are very similar in this country) toward Zaporosia. The fog had closed in shortly before midnight, at times it wasn't too bad, but visibility was maybe 10 feet in places.

At 12:30 the GPS decided it was lost. No signal? No road? We were on a paved road, on a T, looking at a green winter wheat field somewhere..... no village signs, no road signs, no idea where we were.... why had the GPS led us here if it didn't know where we were?

Garry decided to turn around, going back the way we came.... finally passed a couple houses, some with a light on, no signs naming the village.... finally the GPS found itself and us and said to go 5.4 kilometers more in the direction we were going, back where we had come from ... why .... no idea. This was repeated again. when Garry decided we were near Molozhaharona, after it tried to send us down a rutted mud road he turned around, past parked car and the couple necking in front of a house for a second time, then three left turns... are we going in another circle? I was sure we'd be going back past them again... to the mud road.

Finally it led us out on the highway from Kherson and we came in the far end of the village near the N-Pole sign... and we got home. The GPS doesn't know how close it came to being hurled out the window last night, but it was the only chance to find our way out of nowhere to home, so Garry resisted the urge.

This was not the first time Garry said he was going to buy a new one, mostly because the charging cable has never worked well and been replaced at least six times.... when we were on our vacation in September, the GPS promised us a point of interest, close to the city we were in. Garry drove there, we never did figure out what it was (it was in Russian so we couldn't read it) and we could tell when we got there either. Here are a couple photos I took.
You have arrived at your destination! Just pas the turkeys...

Nothing to the right but village... or left down the hill either!

Left turned into a track through a field.....

Anyway, when Garry left this morning at 9 am to take Max B to his dentist appointment (he is having a couple root canals fixed with crowns) I told him to go buy one this time, since he was at the mall. He came home with one. The way he tested the models was... if it couldn't find Nikoliapolia  (our village) it was out of the running as his new navigator. He also had said the next one he bought would have Ukrainian abilities- not just Russian and English- almost every village sign is in Ukrainian. I will miss British lady talking to us... telling us where to go and saying "you are exceeding the speed limit."

Hopefully we won't find ourselves in the middle of nowhere again...

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