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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hello all! Yes, I did arrive in New Jersey and all airport  moves went smoothly, even the one on Thursday- Thanksgivnig Day when I drove to Newark airport with my father to pickup my son Josh and wife Krissy and then proceeded down the (Garden State) Parkway to my sisters for dinner/  It was the last century when I was in NJ for Thanksgiving - maybe 1997?- and it was nice to be able to spend this holiday with my parents again. My brother-in-law Bob cooked a delicious stuffed turkey and we had all the traditional Emley family dinner items to go with it

I have talked to Garry several times, even said hello to both Maxs on video chat. Maxim Rudei told Garry this morning (last night before I went to bed) that he does not need to go to Canada now because he can see me every day. It seems that they have plowed up about 60 more acres they were about to rent and could get more if they can only find Pitlock. They did have to do some front end repairs to one of the Belarus tractors this week, but are ready to plow more land if they can get it.

Garry and Victor carrying milk into his church
The weather has turned cold, I had to tell Garry where I stashed the mitts, and they are working to finish that barn door insulation project with snow in the forecast this week, he hopes to finish it off today. Garry (I typed Harry accidentally, funny if you know many Ukrainians call him Harry... some call him Jerry and find it funny if he says he has a brother Tom, because the Tom and Jerry cartoon is popular here) has been busy with his normal routine of teaching, leading his English book club, breeding cows, and now selling milk on Thursdays with Victor on his vacation in America until the end of next week.

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