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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Almost ready

Garry tells me the barn is more winterized, they have built the straw wall for insulation inside the back and side wall, I believe all the retrofitted doors are done also. They have gotten more land to rent from people in the village and are trying to get it all plowed. They are plowing up the rest of the filed next to the barn for the trade school now. He told me he had been worried that they had planted too much winter wheat, but there will be plenty of land to plant corn on now.

 Garry had a terrible cold with a fever last week, but he seems to be feeling better now. He even went to the ballet and saw the Nutcracker performed by the Moscow ballet company on Saturday. He hung some Christmas lights on the fence after I left, and even though I haven't got a photo, he says they are still there, one of the neighbors told him they look romantic. He told me it was snowing there today (Monday) and there was at least 3 inches when he went to bed.

Garry has not packed his bag yet, but he will be flying home to Manitoba on Thursday, in the crazy world on time zones, he will fly out of Kiev on Thursday afternoon and still arrive in Winnipeg shortly after midnight. Of course he will have to get the overnight train to Kiev Wednesday around 11 pm, he has a ticket, and hopefully there are no travel problems with the protests going on in Ukraine about (not) making closer ties with the European Union.

While I was assuring people at church in Steinbach on Sunday that he was well away from any of the protests, he was at a rally in downtown Dnepropetrovsk where people were chanting "stand up Dnepropetrovsk" and posted a photo on his facebook page...

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