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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mennonite heritage tours

You may have noticed we have many visitors come here, sometimes friends, sometimes relatives, sometimes through our mission, sometimes even strangers!
Polo is always happy to meet our friends

 This week we had two sets, Canadian friends who live in Ukraine Monday and Tuesday and one hour after they left Wednesday Adam from Kirvog Rog - he's with the EFCCM orphanage mission group there- Rays of Love came to see us with two visitors to see the farm and trade school and spend the night- well until 5:30 am, when they left for the airport in Dnepropetroesk.

We sometimes get people who are on one of Victor's Mennonite tours. Before we came to Ukraine, his mother lived in the summer kitchen and visitors stayed one side of the house, it was a B&B! So a few times a year Victor has people come for a Mennonite tour to find their roots, he will use the information they have to locate the village their ancestors lived in. Some villages are still there with some of the old houses standing with people living in them, like our Nikolipolia -the German feld (field) becomes pol in Russian, (in Ukrainian it's Mikolpolia) some villages have new Russian and Ukrainian. Some were flooded when the dam was built in Zaporozhye even.

I cook breakfast or sometimes an evening meal for them and get the spare bedrooms ready for them too. if you ever want to find your roots Victor has a website It has some things that are out of date, since his mother is no longer cooking, but I can make some Ukrainian food, and many North American things you may be wishing for. Victor usually stops for the afternoon meal and maybe the evening one, if the day's tour is long.

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