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Monday, November 4, 2013

Top Ten Reasons- to visit a Ukrainian Farm Show

This post was Garry's idea, he took some of the photos, too. We have been to a couple of Farm Shows in Kiev since coming to Ukraine. Last February we took the train with the students to see the show, you can check out some photos on the Bird's Eye View blog (click the bird photo at left) along with some from the show last week. In February 2011 we went to our first show in Kiev, and we have been to a couple in Dnepropetroesk also. Many things are the same as a North American show, but there are a few differences too.

Number 10- lots of corn planters (Garry was looking to buy one)

This Italian one we saw in the parking lot has tracks even!

This is the one he's trying to buy

Number 9-  American hotdogs!

Yankee hot dog stand wasn't busy at nine am, but at noon there was a long line, here's mine with all the fixings...except the mayo. Masha had mayonnaise and ketchup on hers.

Number 8- Practice a foreign language

"farmer" in Russian (pronounced fair-mer)

Lots of signs in English (for Ukrainians to practice on) too

Number seven- Lots of brochures to fill your bag

Garry had to carry the bags to the car halfway through the show, they were too heavy to carry anymore!

Number 6- Getting your picture taken with a tractor

Number 5- Get your photo taken inside a tractor

Reason # four- See something unique!

Have a Ukrainian snack

Buy something shiny! 

How about a walk behind combine that bags the grain?

How many kinds of Thai rice are there?

Number three- Pretty girls walking around handing out brochures for farm equipment and magazines

a scientific approach


Number 2 reason- dancing girls at the New Holland booth

and a girl with brochures!

and the top REASON to visit the farm show.....

You will have lots of fun! and free coffee, tea, juice, and cookies at the John Deere booth ....

............and maybe you can even find a cow!

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