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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We almost got the corn combined...

As you may have read Garry has been ready to combine the rest of his cornfield for more than a month now. Either it is too wet, or Maxim has been unable to locate a combine, they were all busy with sunflowers. Last week Garry told me there were two possible combines, if the weather was good, that could be here soon. Sunday we saw combines working out in the fields. Yesterday's predicted rain held off, and Max told Garry this morning there would be a combine here after lunch.

the arm-strong method of emptying the truck

 It arrived and made a round or two before Garry got there and sent it away. It did not have a header for corn, but one for sunflowers and knocked down more plants than it was harvesting. Victor picked the wrong day to come as he is helping Garry, Max B and Andrey unload the truck into the bin upstairs in the barn from the truck where they put the corn that was combined before they stopped. Now we have to wait for the "better combine" one with the correct header to harvest corn. At least there is a little (like a ton) to feed the cows.

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