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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ukraine, as I saw it this week

I was gone for three months, and I've been back almost a week now, so I thought I'd share some familiar sights, while driving in Ukraine. I have taken all these in the week I've been here, some on the drive from Kiev to the village.

some of the  road is better, and some parts are worse,
always watch where you are going!

we drive on a causeway around this beautiful lake

many people travel by bicycle, most use it to carry loads

cow in the road... not really, she's staked out on a chain for the day

Garry buying cucumbers at a roadside market

ducks, geese and chickens run free during the day

Some things I missed getting photos of:

right after we left the hotel in Borispol (town where the airport is) was my first large branch sticking out of a manhole with no cover, so no one drives into it, of course.

A Lada with about six large boxes of vegetables tied on top of it. It's the time of year for buying and selling, prices are lower with an abundant supply so many people are canning to save food for winter.

Monday was the 24th year of Ukrainian Independence day- on the 24th of August. This billboard seemed in celebration of it, but there is some election set for the fall, so lots of political billboards again,

downtown Salonie (it says Praise the heroes)

Auto market, Garry had to buy a car battery , see the man purse?
Success! the big store had refused to sell the only one on the shelf that fit

KFC in Dnepro on Heroes of Stalingrad Street, it was noon
 and half the people were eating ice cream, not chicken.

Her shirt says "So Good, so Fasty" on the back

Ukraine, old car with Soviet-era plates, next to an expensive car in the parking lot.
and a lady in high heels walking...
with many balcony-styled apartments in the background
meanwhile in the village...

ladies are biking out the field to milk their cow midday...

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