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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Here and there again

You know Garry has been busy, he has Canadian company until Sunday morning (he will drop the Tremaines at the airport on the way to church Sunday) he has a houseful of Ukrainians and is working on getting the new group home finished so the family and the new girls can move in (for more on the progress of the group house click on the birds) and he has been busy baling (mostly for him) unloading and stacking straw. They finished combining the wheat (300 acres) on Wednesday and when the straw is finished, third cut alfalfa is ready to cut and bale... although he is not sure where it's going to go, since everything is full of first and second cut. The rain that fell in July means a lot of hay to bale, too.

I got busy with some unfinished house projects here in Canada, including painting some doors Garry has replaced last winter in the garage and this one his dad installed before the wedding. The boys said the new door without a window meant that they wouldn't see Noah's cat sitting on his car in the garage anymore, so I fixed it.

 I caught a cold since Garry left, and ended up going to the doctor, and going on antibiotics for strep throat, so I took it easy the beginning of the week, but Thursday I watched the girls, Kari was at work and Matt had a funeral.  Two of the girls had swimming lessons so I got to play on the playground with the younger two for an hour. I am still waiting for the arrival of our newest grandchild, but today is the official due date, so it should be soon.

We have one daring granddaughter

Garry had exciting news, Maxim Boradin has been approved for his Canadian study visa, he was accepted at Providence in Otterburne, where I went about ten years ago. Everyone is very excited, it may work out that he will get here before I leave, so I can help him adjust, and get him what he needs for living in dorm.

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