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Saturday, August 22, 2015

silage harvest

I am here in Ukraine now and awake at two am, so here's an update for you. Garry is busy getting the group home finished and furnished, hoping that we will have them all moved from our house to there next week. Photos to come.

The corn silage harvest is half done. They have chopped ten of the hundred acres of corn, and have half as much as they made last year. They didn't use it up, so they will make the same amount and the remaining corn can be harvested as grain this fall.

They have had two flat tires on the wagons because a wagon full weighs almost twice what it did last year since the crop is the best we've had in five years in Ukraine. Some of the twenty five pounds of parts in my suitcases went into repairs on the chopper today when the bearing went. That was the last thing Garry messaged me to bring, the day before I left. Good thing it was in stock.

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