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Monday, August 24, 2015

Crop report- updated

 You already know from the last two posts that Garry is excited about his corn crop this year. The best he has had in Ukraine. He says a few years ago the silage had grain in like this, but the plants were not as tall. These photos are of the second field they are chopping, which was even better than the first, even though the land was not worked up last fall, since they got this piece to rent in the spring.

 Here is Garry in the old alfalfa field across the highway. As you can see, in a week or so, a third  fourth cut of hay will be ready to mow and bale. While I was gone, they had second third cut round baled, since the hayloft was full of small bales from the first and second cuttings. Definitely a bumper crop this year, he has never got four good cuttings here.

 He was thinking of plowing this field up this fall, but has decided not to. He does plan to plow the other old field at the end of the village, and plant it in corn next spring.
Garry's forage sorghum, pictured here, will be cut for silage as soon as they finish the corn silage this week.

More photos taken on Tuesday. Corn silage will be done sometime Wednesday. Then they will do some work on the tractor before starting the sorghum. Tuesday morning they put the giant part I brought back from Canada on the chopper before starting for the day.
rolling out of the yard Tuesday morning

 Monday they hired a tractor and wagon to help haul, and they started chopping directly into the (3) wagons as seen in the photo at the bottom of the page. The first day he claimed to use 60 liters of  diesel fuel, while the other two tractors used 20 and 14. I wonder how many he asked to be paid for yesterday (I asked if they really had him back again, and Garry said yes.)

Garry says this is the best cornfield 

The best alfalfa field, planted last year

sunflower crop

silage pile is growing in the bunker

chopping cron

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