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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Max made it to Canada and other news

Garry is busy this week, helping with a basketball camp in Zaporosia. On the weekend he is driving off to the sea with the second year students for a weekend summer vacation. Maxim Rudei just returned from vacationing in the same place. Garry is anxious for me to arrive next week, not just because he left here three weeks ago, but because I am bringing parts the chopper needs replaced before chopping the corn for the silage pile. Unfortunately the rain has stopped and it is hot and dry this week, so they will need to start making silage soon.
Could one of these be Max's?

Maxim Boradin arrived in Winnipeg yesterday, however, he took too long going through customs in Toronto and missed his flight that was supposed to land at six pm, and Air Canada put him on the one that landed half past midnight. He was pretty excited to see us, as we were him. The Tremaines stuck it out to see him arrive, as did Seth and I. They visited the Ukrainian pavilion for Folklarama, while we took in a movie. We had thought he'd be on the ten thirty flight, so it was beginning to seem like we had assigned places to stand, watching other people come down the escalator.

Look, its Maxim!

Waiting for his bag with Don
He was pretty excited to see us, as he had been unable to get on the wifi in Toronto to send a message about his delay. We got home at 2:30 am and he was up at 10:30 to explore the farm/

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