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Sunday, August 9, 2015

He's here

Baby Issac
He is our new grandson, Issac Micheal Verhoog, weighing in at 9 lbs 15 oz (yes over 5 kilos for European readers) who finally arrived early Monday morning at 2:28 am. He is adorable, and feels just right in my arms since all our babies weighed between 9 and 11 pounds! Since he is our first grandson, I think Garry wishes he was here to hold him, but he is busy in Ukraine.

The electric company has finally put up their pole, and everything is in place except the wires, so the "new barn" will have power soon. The wires should be up next week, the transformer is already up, and they need to sign a contract with the electric company still. Garry needs to get that milking parlor finished soon.

Our orphan, Maxim Boradin will be going to Kiev tomorrow and I will meet him at the Winnipeg airport Tuesday evening at six pm. He will spend a couple weeks here at the farm before starting his studies at Providence College (first English, then Bible). It appears he has given his Phillies shirt to a smaller guy in these photos Garry sent.

The finishing of the group home is progressing, furniture has been bought and they were working on finishing the bathrooms this week. Garry tells me everything should be done and everyone moved over there in ten days when I fly back to Ukraine.

Work was slowed by the fact the group home parents were helping with the camp (VBS) for the village kids at the church this week. Apparently on Wednesday there were free haircuts by the students from New Hope in Zaporosia and Garry got one too.

Not my favorite look, but it will grow back.
and after

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