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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

TV and an excursion

We were on Ukrainian television news (STb) today at 6 pm!
Two of the boys who were milking tonight and popped into the house to tell us about it , they had seen it and were very excited because they made the final cut (the two boys walking into the house), The crew was here for more than an hour to get the three minutes you see. It is in Ukrainian, and you can only get Russian subtitles, but you can see us, the students, the barn, the classroom and a bit of the new group home.

Ira dressed in her Canadian stuff, she was really excited when she
found the shirt at the secondhand store on Friday
Max and family (wife Yulia and Vika)
Yesterday we went on an excursion with the students to Zaporosia, Victor and Max Rudei drove their vans as ours is still in the shop. Apparently the clutch broke, and sent pieces into the timing chain, the turbo and some valve which is supposed to come in Wednesday so we can drive places again! 

Vika wanted to splash in the water

Student Vika and little Vika

Everyone needs photos on their cell phone

Garry is still limping

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