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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Visitors touring the village again

Tomorrow we are going south to  Molachansk for the celebration  of the 15th anniversary of the Mennonite Center there. We will make a short (5 minutes) presentation about our work. The Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine will be there, and today, he and a few other people came to lunch at our house.

the old barn
We also had Canadian Senator Harder and his brother along with a few other people for pizza, salads and brownies. Victor and his wife Elena came from Dnepro and brought oliviah salad and piroshkie buns. The ambassador's assistant Anne has (Mennonite) relatives who were from this village, and after lunch they went on a walking tour of our project and the village.

We toured at the new school building and even got a peek into the boys apartment.
We recently added gravel to the path after the first muddy day
Inside the classroom

In the boys apartment (Kolya was home- and his cat)

We popped into the "new" 2015 group home for a minute. Sergey was off driving most of the second year students to classes in Dnepro.

Larrisa was cooking with a couple of the girls who were home.

We also looked at the shed, shop and pointed out the "New barn" in the distance, before taking their van down to the old Mennonite school and church building.

Afterwards they continued their tour and we walked back to the house.

The school, which is still the school 

Some of the Mennonites, inside the school

The church (which is now the gymnasium for the school)

Thanks Maria for taking the photo of most of the group
(the Senator's brother was also taking one)

Us with the Ambassador 

Backing the wagon the shed

The guys tried the grain drill a couple times today, but it was still too wet to plant the wheat.

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