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Friday, September 23, 2016

Moving day

Today is the first day the cows will be milked in the new parlor. Everyone just chased the cows from this barn to the old collective barn, which is finally ready for them. Now the big job of moving and reconnecting the milk tank or cooler to the other milkhouse will be happening so milking can proceed this afternoon. 

You may remember that we had a team here in March 2014 that helped with the remodel and building the milkhouse, milking parlor and a classroom. Last September, we finally waded through all the red tape and got hooked onto the power grid. We thought we were home free, and started teaching in the classroom,  but it took until spring to get a company to come install the milking equipment in the parlor. 

Ready to go

 Early in June, Garry hoped to move the cows, but they discovered we needed more water than the well that had been drilled was providing for the cows to drink and to wash the milking equipment.
Last week the additional water source was completed, and this week all the last minute, gates, latches and light fixtures went in to the barn. Yesterday they removed walls from both milkhouses to facilitate moving the tank this morning.

Garry really likes the latch Max made for the parlor gate

here we go

most of them are there

the two that turned around
Most of the cows hurried along in a group without too many problems but one red one turned around near the creek and ran through anyone trying to stop her and one fell so far behind the others she didn't see them anymore and tried to go back home, too.

Eventually Garry, Max and a few helpers got them to the barn, too.

we did it!

Happy so far

Well, that was the easy part, watch for the photos of moving the milk tank and  milking in a whole new way to come. I am sure everyone, milker ladies, students and cows will not be happy the first time through the parlor. We are moving from tie stall and bucket milkers to a pipeline in a raised parlor, so the first week or so will be challenging for all.

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