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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Two weeks...

I think its been about a week since I last posted, but in two weeks I will be on a plane back to Ukraine.
Thanks to Maria I have some photos of Garry's last two weeks to show you. First, here he is at the sea with Sasha, Julia and Maria (I am not sure why he's wearing shells in the first photo)

Here he is with Maria and Logan, the Canadian guy who stayed at the farm for a while this summer between working at camps in Ukraine. He worked on fixing the little tractor, since he's a mechanic.

I guess Garry can have pizza night without my help, because he had everyone in for pizza last Friday night. He told me he made 12 pizzas, 10 regular size and two large ones, but some people did not come until an hour after 6:30 and they did not get any pizza to eat. This could be because he has 7 new guys for this year moved into the boys house, plus there are still most of the grads around.

Image may contain: shoes and one or more peopleI was at the farm for a few days and dropped our Max off for his second year at Providence University College, This year he is in a transitional dorm, where he has a separate room, but shares a kitchen facility, so he does not have to purchase a meal plan. He is all set with a meal ticket card for when he wants to eat in the cafeteria and canned and boxed food to make. The three meal a day plan is wasted on Max, who rarely eats more than twice.

We took Max to see a Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball game with some of the guys from the farm, one of the boys had won the use of a box. Max decided to root for the other team because they were losing. He also did push-ups on the railing.

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