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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

we ---- something yesterday

Finally, for the first time since I saw him live in Pennsylvania, I saw Garry live in person on my computer yesterday. I also saw our visitor, who was there when we both were gone, who is staying a few more days after helping Jack with a camp for orphans recently (he wanted to finish working on the little Kubota tractor) , several of the girls who dropped by the house (who were very excited to talk to me), and Maria/Masha to say hello and goodbye. Garry got to see me, our daughter and new granddaughter, who's now three weeks old.

I have had only one note from him since he was in the process of flying back to Ukraine, so I haven't had much to write about until now. He was off to breed a cow for someone in the village the first day he was home, according to Maria, who had sent me a message that he had arrived in the village, after spending a night in Kiev, because his plane was late (Garry prefers traveling on the fast train, and can never resist the cheaper flight into Kiev, and the seven hours on the train, rather than flying straight into DNK, a half hour from home).

I found out he was away at the sea for a few days with some of the grads who did not go for the week of church camp, but worked that week. He also said they had four new students coming, guys or girls, I do not know... or if that includes the ones who visited earlier in the summer, more info on that to come.

So yesterday we had a conversation of sorts, although sometimes words just disappear from the conversation online, so understanding can be tricky sometimes. He said he had just got the grads settled in the apartments, so I guess he found beds and maybe bought couches, which we had not done yet. I had put some stuff aside on the bunks at our house for them, pans and stuff, hoping that he remembered, but we had talked about using those bunk beds anyway. He said the new higher rated (but not as high as we wanted) electric line is supposed to be hooked up in a --- days, when I asked; so hoping that is soon, since they are using a minimal line coming in on an extension cord from the neighbors, just like when we were building in March.

Garry went to the dentist and then saw a doctor yesterday about his earache, that has been bothering him since he flew to Canada three weeks ago, and he is on antibiotics since the dentist said it was a hole in his jaw, I think he said. Hopefully he remembers to take all of them.

All the group home parents are going to be going to Dnepro everyday next week for --- (I assume some kind of conference, since we have paid for them to attend several they considered good training opportunities for working with orphans) so classes will start ---- (I really can't guess, maybe the week after). That was when we decided to hang up, since we both were having problems with hearing and understanding, due to the skips in the conversation.

Garry looked tired and it was after nine pm there and I had a 1:30 in the afternoon appointment in minutes to replace a tire on the car before I drive back to the farm to today so I can take Max Boradin to college on Thursday and get him set for the new semester of studying academic English.

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