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Friday, September 23, 2016

The cows came back...

the very same day!

 Hours after moving them.
 However, here's a couple photos of milking in the new parlor... which did not happen for long.

trying to get a second group in from the holding area
 The guys managed to get the first group of eight- ten, no, 14! in one side of the parlor, all facing in the correct direction. The milker ladies, with Garry's assistance got milkers on all of them, then onto the four extra cows and were chasing cows into the other side of the parlor when everything stopped, because the vacuum pump turned off abruptly.

Opps...What broke?
now the milker is falling off that last cow

 It wasn't the vacuum pump as Garry feared (he said he thought did we put the oil in?) but the "good motor" the milk equipment company said they had for it and installed. Since the milk tank is installed over there, we'll be milking them here, putting it in pails and taking over there to cool until some time next week when they can get a new motor put on the vacuum pump. Good thing the company was here installing the milk tank when it happened, although they tried to say it was a problem with our electricity. Good thing we got that fancy transformer for the farm.

New home for the milk tank

They rounded up a bunch of students again and chased the herd back- with a few detours through peoples yards- one cow even walked up the babushka's driveway and then cut back onto our driveway through the hole in the fence by the house. The milker ladies and helpers were getting started on the second milking of the day about when its normally getting over..,

The good news for the day is that the corn is being combined and doing better than Garry thought it would and its very dry too. It's going in the shed.

Hi Nikolai!
I have so many photos of him waving...

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