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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More haying, fishing and hanging out with the family

Micah packing the hay pile

This may be Garry (there were three trucks going)
 Garry spent three days last week driving truck for haylage making, while I cooked dinners for the guys and took Luke back to the doctors (the rash on his hands is looking better now) before going fishing on Thursday and enjoying some family time celebrating Jonah's graduation a little early on the weekend- we go to Morden for it on Wednesday afternoon. Sunday we enjoyed going to church in Steinbach, singing in English and visiting with friends.
the merger- it takes 3-4 windrows (rows of hay) and makes one big one
Garry driving beside the chopper ( I rode for a couple loads)

A truck getting filled with chopped hay  (from further away)

Garry driving the big tractor up the pile

covering the pile with plastic 

and with tires to hold it down

tractor dumping tires up top to move around

Sun is setting Wednesday evening and they are almost finished!

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