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Friday, August 16, 2013

Baptism at the river

One of our trade school students, Veranika was baptized on Sunday in Zaporosia, and of course we went there. In fact we drove Nika, her mother, plus Alina, Vlad (who was in the village the night before for some unknown reason) and Maxim Boradim- the two boys sat in the cargo area of the van. (more photos in the trade school blog)
Veranika and her mother

Remember Marina, who helped bale straw two years ago? She biked in.

The praise band

In the river

Nika's pants turned green!

We supplied our generator so they could use the power for the praise band and microphones, since the church service was there. As you can see the water in the river was very green, and not just on top.

After the service and baptism there was a meal, someone cooked plof over a fire.... and there were salads too...and watermelon and cookies... and kids playing with water.

Max talking with Marina and Masha

cooking over fires

closeup of plof cooking - the rice was mixed in later

Garry was first in line

Max got some too

I think one of these twin girls found scissors....

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