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Saturday, August 10, 2013

That's a big pile of corn silage!

Chopping right in the wagons beside the tractor
So they have been chopping corn silage for about four days, and they are finished now! Garry took a couple pictures yesterday when he brought lunch out to the field for the guys. I have been making big dinners with dessert this week for around one o'clock.

Some days they have had two tractors and wagons going to bring the silage home form the field and sometimes just one. They chopped the "bad" parts of the field. Garry was surprized how dry the corn plants were, last Friday he thought it would be another week before it was ready, but we still haven't got any rain, missing another thunderstorm on Thursday afternoon. It was close enough that Polo jumped in my lap shaking, but not even a drop of rain here!

 Here is Garry Wednesday evening after driving the tractor back and forth from the field to dump the silage in the pile for the afternoon. He keeps the window open (no air-conditioning in this tractor) and the black dust flies everywhere. The other guys drive slower and shut the tractor up, but its too hot for Garry.

Maxim tries to keep him off the tractor, he's convinced that Garry drives so fast it is hurting the frame of the loader tractor, but he drives some anyway. Victor has driven the tractor chopping a bit, he was out on Wednesday to bring out a new pressure tank for the water pump for the barn, and stayed overnight and helped in the field until it was time to sell milk in the city Thursday afternoon. Today he came out to take over driving with Garry, so Maxim, his wife Yulia and brother Andrey, could leave to go home to Kherson to celebrate their father's 50th birthday.
Serosia packing the pile with his loader tractor

 Someone climbed the big pile of straw bales to take the next photos:

Dumping another load of silage

Part of the pile is covered with plastic and dirt already- Hi Olya!

close up of the "film" thin plastic covering the pile
A much bigger pile of silage than last year, and they only cut about half the field. The rest will be combined when it is dry. Garry hopes to sell it to buy a corn planter to plant next year's crop.
Look, there is corn in this year's silage!

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