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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Farewell Manitoba, hello Ukraine

We spent a very romantic 35th wedding anniversary traveling from Winnipeg to Kiev by plane with a stop in Paris (two hours in the airport, too foggy to see the city) and then driving to the village in the "new car." We only sat next to each other on the first plane to Minneapolis on June 30th, then our seats were on opposite sides of the plane! However we had a nice dinner at McDonalds- even splurged on the fried battered cheese with cranberry dip with our royal cheeseburgers (think quarter pounders, I guess it doesn't translate well in metric.)

Garry was excited to arrive at 9:30 pm July first (our anniversary) to huge puddles in the village, he drove out to see the corn field to see how it looked after a couple weeks of dry weather in the tractor this morning. It is in tassel and a little short, but he thinks this rain will mean we will get a decent crop anyway. Photos to come, we are having a few problems hooking my computer up to the new WiFi in the house.

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