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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wheat, hay, corn and teaching

We are in the homestretch for English teaching this summer, only one more day to go, and then we are off to Crimea for a few days of rest and sightseeing. Here are some more photos.

Garry with som of his students on "Canada Day"

Basketball on Tuesday evening (Garry in the red shorts)
 Meanwhile the guys on the farm have been busy baling straw, getting the barley ground and stored away to feed the cows this year,  mowing hay and trying to sell the wheat (they are keeping some to plant next month) and they have finally sold most of it. That way no one will need to sleep in our car over at the other barn every night to guard it. I have been so busy I have gotten over there with a camera to take a photo of it piled on the cement in the barn.

Corn is looking better than last year, as you can see in the photo, a good rain would really help, though. We have been eating a few cobs of sweet corn from the garden, so good, too bad a cow got loose one night and ate off some plants, munching her way down the rows!

Yesterday was the closing party that Word of Life Church hosts and we didn't get back to the village until 9:30, just in time for Garry to change his clothes and deliver a heifer calf out of a very nice looking first calf heifer. Yana tells him that this is the first heifer he bred that has calved (meaning the cow is out of a Canadian sire, and half Holstein and the calf is three-quarters Holstein.) Hurrah! We had been having bull calves, lately so he was very happy that this one is not male!

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