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Friday, December 11, 2015

Keeping busy

Garry seems to be really busy for his last week of teaching in Ukraine, he tells me that they are plowing at night now while the ground is frozen, with two tractors, so I am assuming it is still wet. He says the wheat has come up,(it was when I left two weeks ago, not that you could see it driving past) it is maybe an inch tall, but the fields do not look very green. It is supposed to get cold next week. I guess we will find out in the spring if it survives and amounts to anything. Thursday night at 2 am his time I got a facebook message saying he was going out to plow.

He says that he and Max Rudei plowed all night, and Max's friend  Dima and tractorist Sasha took over in the morning. Garry says it stayed below freezing all day so they could keep plowing, but if the sun comes out it is too slippery. There are 60 hectares left to plow. It takes 20 liters of diesel fuel to plow a hectare, and they buy it in plastic jugs at the gas station just on the highway, so Garry (or Max or Sasha)is running there with the car twice a day now.

One of the second year students posted this photo of them going bowling earlier this week, apparently they went during class. Garry told them he had a visitor coming so they should dress up for class, and then said the guy couldn't get to the village so they would drive to Zaporosia to meet him... and his name started with a B... anyway I think he had some plan to tell the first year students they had to redo their exams on Friday and then take them bowling too.

Garry got his haircut so I guess he'll be ready to come home to Canada next week, i think he's taking the train on Tuesday and flying out Wednesday morning, taking the same route as me, Kiev-Amsterdam-Toronto-Winnipeg...
too bad the weather will be colder here too by the time he arrives, it has been really mild for Manitoba in December this past week.
Max at left, with his international  class and teacher 

I have been busy getting ready for Christmas, mail and presents and cleaning. I did enjoy going to watch our Max Boradin give a presentation in his English class at Providence University College on Tuesday. It was a "free topic" and he talked about time. Today he comes to the farm to stay for four weeks until classes start again.

This picture is so typical Max when he explains something

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