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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pick up day

Well,  after a very long drive into the city I am sitting in a hotel a few blocks from Winnipeg's airport waiting for Garry's plane to come in. This is plan B, plan A was I would just pick him up and drive home, but we are in a major snowfall warning today, and it was a long slow drive to the city.

 I was glad I had decided to book a room this morning by the time I was halfway out the St Labre Road, which has at least a foot of snow on it. Most of the other roads were snow covered to various degrees, and the wind is supposed to pick up tonight.

I got a message from him that he was about to board in Toronto, and the last flight tracker alert has the plane coming in 5 minutes later than expected, so I should be able to get him in about an hour...

and we'll both be ready to sleep, I'm exhausted, and I know he will be, since it's going to be almost 5 am Ukrainian time.

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