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Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas, Happy birthday

Well, Christmas is over and we  celebrated my birthday Saturday evening. Crystal made a delicious German chocolate cake and we watched the Eagles lose unfortunately.

 Garry's birthday  was earlier this week, I made pizza and piecaken and here are a few photos from Christmas day too.

Max was a bit overwhelmed by Christmas day, I think he was amazed that everyone had a present for him and he didn't want to open his stocking presents when it was his turn (we go in order from youngest to oldest in the family, including guests, since we often have girlfriends) He ran down to his room and Garry had to push him back up the stairs, he really just wanted to watch. We made him open it anyway.

 Max did better with the presents, but he keeps saying we need to take some back for the students.

He's a little worried that the new sweaters I bought him say they can't go in the dryer. He has adjusted very quickly to the new way of doing laundry, I think it is one of his favorite things about Canada (in Ukraine we don't have a dryer, and the washer is much slower.)

Garry's best news for Christmas - only three hectares left to plow in Ukraine!
Our third granddaughter had not opened her playset I made when #2 got hers
Blue Jays hats I crocheted were a hit, the boys are planning a trip to see them
play in Minn in the spring and they should get on TV with them!

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