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Friday, January 1, 2016

Going west

Garry is taking Max Boradin with him as he drives all the way to Vancouver, with some stops along the way. I think it is the only way to get Max to stop working on his school vacation, and once he decided I really wasn't going, he is pretty excited about seeing more of Canada, and getting to see Ev Wiens when they get to the Vancouver/Surrey area.

They left at noon on the 31st, and will stop to visit with both of the building teams that came last (this? 2015) year,(excepting Steinbach, of course we'll be doing stuff there on the 10th)  and meet with the CRMF board in Calgary. Hopefully the weather stays good, and the car, as they are driving out in our 2005 Ford! Garry has fixed lots of stuff on it, including the heater, so we'll pray for smooth driving all the way there and back.

I finally convinced Max I really wanted to spend more time with these little people!

I am having a Grandma sleepover with the girls this weekend before school starts up again.

Looks like Garry and Max rang the new year in somewhere in Moose Jaw and will be in LaCombe Friday evening after finding his cousin's place that afternoon. He has good directions, last year he couldn't find them in Ponoka.

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