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Friday, January 29, 2016

Here and there

Yup, he made it there. An hour before he was supposed to get off the train in Dnepropetrovsk he video called me from his seat on the Mennonite couch in the village. We got cut off just as he tried to explain what he meant by "I hitchhiked home". When he called back five minutes later, I found out he got a ride with someone he met on the plane to Kiev, or that guy's buddy? who was driving to Zaporosia (I think).

Apparently his phone battery was dead when he got to Ukraine, so he hadn't talked to Victor when I chatted with Victor earlier today on facebook, because he was going to meet Garry's train at 3:30 am. He said he did call him somehow and let him know he didn't have to get up.  Garry and his three suitcases were selected for searching at customs in Kiev, from what I understood.

Me? I cleaned the boys' deep fryer, and replaced the very brown oil so they can go back to making half their food in it in two weeks. I watched the two younger grand daughters this afternoon- we watched kids TV while I crocheted and they turned the other end of my ball of yarn into a giant spider web stretching around three rooms.

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